Photo of fresh, local vegetables for senior living food services.

Operating a successful food service management program that’s also good for the environment is a commitment Glendale Dining Services shares with many of the for-profit and non-profit communities we serve.

We strive to leave a small carbon footprint by offering a wide choice of green products, reducing energy consumption, and reusing and recycling whatever we can to minimize production waste and pollution.

Green Products

Photo of vegetables being grown under UV lights.

From paper goods to cleaning products to appliances, our eco-friendly product choices support your efforts to save landfill space and preserve natural resources.

Using napkins, serving ware take-out containers and other paper goods made from recycled, compostable and chlorine-free material is standard practice at Glendale Dining Services. The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes our Earth Plus cleaning products as a leading earth-safe brand; in fact, all our institutional and maintenance products meet stringent biodegradability and environmental standards.

Glendale Dining Services can also help you save energy and utility costs by outfitting your kitchen with Energy Star-related appliances whenever possible.


In addition to offering eco-safe products and using Energy Star appliances and lightbulbs, Glendale Dining Services conserves energy and reduces waste by buying direct from local farms whenever possible and working with regional suppliers that do the same.


Glendale Dining Services recycling efforts include:

  • Using napkins made from 100% recycled materials
  • Supplying recycle bins to collect bottles and beverage containers
  • Storing eco-safe cleaners in containers made from recycled materials


We find creative ways to reuse food, cleaners, serving materials and other resource by:

  • Composting onsite food waste
  • Donating food waste to local farmers for reuse in livestock feed and composting
  • Selling cooking oil waste for reuse in bio-fuel