Food Services For Independent Living Communities

Embracing culture change to drive results.

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In food service management for independent living, few trends are transforming how resident dining is delivered like “culture change.”

Not just a catchy phrase, culture change is a movement that’s driving independent living communities to seek new, more creative ways to satisfy savvier, more empowered residents who want a richer variety of culinary experiences.

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At Glendale Dining Services, we help independent living communities meet these demands by crafting customized, fully-compliant food services programs centered around resident choice and more memorable dining alternatives. At the core of our approach is an unwavering focus on fresh food, exceptional variety and unmatched hospitality services.

With these three ingredients in mind, we forge mutually-rewarding relationships with the independent living communities we serve to enrich resident life, improve outcomes and set your brand apart in competitive, senior living markets.

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Discover Glendale Dining Services specialized approach to independent living food service management.

Discover how Glendale Dining Services can customize a complete, high-quality independent living food service management program for your resident community with our specialized approach to:

Food Quality and Menu Development

Offering high-quality menu choices and diverse, restaurant-inspired culinary experiences is a must for independent living communities with residents who are well-traveled, engaged and up on the latest culinary and dining trends.

Glendale Dining Services chefs are the best; in large part, a function of our strategy to recruit top talent from the restaurant and hospitality world. Masters of on-trend global and regional cooking techniques, they work closely with our registered dietitians to create exciting menus that are both high in nutritional value and in step with residents’ tastes, special diets, values and lifestyles.

We cook from scratch and use local, seasonal ingredients when we can, making it a priority to work with growers who share our commitment to fresh food and preserving the environment. From gluten-free menus to vegan and vegetarian meals to sustainable and healthy choices, our food is prepared to make every meal memorable — whether served in the main dining room, the lobby bistro pub, at a summer barbeque or as a takeout order.

Dining Choice

With 2.5 million baby boomers now over 70 years old, independent living communities are under pressure to emulate the diverse dining experiences these savvy seniors have indulged in all their lives. At Glendale Dining Services, we support this by working with you to design food-centered programs, innovative menus and alternative dining venues that give your residents the autonomy to choose what, when and where they eat.

Staffing and Training

To independent living communities compelled to do more with less, especially when skilled labor is scarce, gaps in coverage and unreliable service can have a negative effect on results and resident satisfaction. When you work with Glendale Dining Services, staff recruitment, benefits, scheduling and training is all managed with the support of our full-service Human Resources group. So you never have to worry about interruptions to daily routines.

Our training and support approach is comprehensive and meets all relevant regulatory requirements — while helping your hospitality team develop the skills and mindset to maximize residents’ safety, comfort and enjoyment.


Glendale Dining Services volume food purchasing arrangements and mutually-rewarding relationships with local growers and other trusted suppliers helps to ensure smooth operations while maximizing savings and quality.


With our understanding of changing meal service regulations for independent living food service management, Glendale Dining Services can reduce risk and drive positive results in your highly-specialized dining environment.