Not-For-Profit Food Service Management

Bringing dignity, satisfaction and variety to resident dining.

Photo of food service-prepared salmon dish at not-for-profit account.

At Glendale Dining Services, our goal in not-for-profit food service management is straightforward: Enable not-for profit communities to succeed by creating memorable, healthy dining experiences that deliver the dignity, satisfaction and variety residents need to thrive.

We approach this goal by helping not-for-profit communities overcome the challenges of planning and properly documenting a compliant and comprehensive, resident-centered food service offering. At the core of our approach is a clear focus on fresh food, resident choice and first-class hospitality services.

Photo of food service staff at not-for-profit client.

Discover Glendale Dining Services specialized approach to not-for-profit food service management.

Learn how Glendale Dining Services can customize a complete, high-quality not-for-profit food service management program with an emphasis on:

Fresh Food

Photo of food service employee picking tomatoes at not-for-profit garden.

The foundation of a quality, not-for-profit food service program is fresh, quality food. At Glendale Dining Services, our talented chefs and registered dietitians work closely together to design menus with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local, regional and national suppliers. The result is healthy, satisfying meals prepared onsite from scratch to align with a range of tastes, diets, cultural preferences and personal values.

Resident Choice

Having a say on what goes on the menu as well as where are when meals are served adds to a resident’s sense of dignity and independence. At Glendale Dining Services, we make it a priority to ask residents for their input on food preferences, preferred venues, special occasion dining and what goes into a comfortable, satisfying dining experience.

Outstanding Service

Our philosophy is that resident satisfaction thrives when the professionals serving them are well trained, well treated and rewarded for high performance. Supported professionally and personally at every career stage, Glendale Dining Services employees deliver the highest standards of service with unmatched skill, confidence and compassion.

Employee Empowerment

One of the most noticeable differences about working with Glendale Dining Services is the professionalism and motivation of our people. From our senior managers to chefs to our trusted, front-line hospitality professionals — we put an emphasis on hiring employees with a demonstrated commitment to succeed. Even more important, we support our employees with the industry’s most comprehensive professional development programs and benefits. The natural outcome is that Glendale Dining Services employees take pride in their work, and treat your not-for-profit food service program as their own.

Cultural Compatibility

In not-for-profit communities, resident life centers around food. That’s why we offer a personalized, hospitality-focused approach to dining services that reflects the special nuances of your culture. It’s all about putting the needs of your community and comfort and satisfaction of your diners, first.


Operating a dining services program that’s both successful and easy on the environment is a priority Glendale Dining Services shares with many of the not-for-profit communities we serve.


With our understanding of changing meal service regulations for not-for-profit food service management, Glendale Dining Services can reduce risk in your specialized dining environment.

Positive Outcomes

Glendale Dining Services understands that the success of your dining program depends on positive financial results. With national purchase pricing at local levels, corporate accountability systems and the latest technology in the dining room and behind the scenes, we offer flexible solutions to maximize efficiency and help you reach your goals.