Food Services for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Delivering comfort and nutrition across the treatment and recovery spectrum.

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Closing the gap between nutritious food and appealing food is a priority in food services for drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities, where helping residents develop healthy eating habits is an important step in their recovery from addiction.

But this is easier said than done at drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities that lack the regulatory and culinary skills in-house to develop a compliant, resident-centered food services offering. An acute shortage of qualified food services talent compounds the problem and is a roadblock to sustaining a self-operated program.

At Glendale Dining Services, we help drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities overcome these challenges with adaptive, individualized food services centered on resident treatment and recovery. At the core of our fully-compliant approach is an unwavering focus on fresh food and skilled, compassionate hospitality services.

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With this mindset, we forge mutually-rewarding relationships with the drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities we serve to improve clinical outcomes and support your goals, while enhancing every resident’s personal recovery experience.

Discover Glendale Dining Services specialized approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation food service management.

Discover how Glendale Dining Services can customize a complete, high-quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation food service management program for your community with our specialized approach to:

Food Quality and Menu Development

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Developing quality menus that residents will want to eat is no simple task. Tastes change as recovery progresses and vary across different age groups. Lack of appetite is common among residents who put overcoming addiction over healthy eating — a condition at odds with the critical role nutrition plays, helping the brain to recover. At Glendale Dining Services, our registered dietitians and chefs have the knowledge and flexibility to adapt menus as recovery progresses. They collaborate closely to create delicious, individualized menus that bring comfort, satisfaction and nutrition to residents at every stage of recovery and rehabilitation.

Caring, Responsive Service

To residents fragile in mind, body and spirit, being greeted by name and treated with genuine compassion and dignity by skilled professionals makes a vital difference to a positive recovery experience. At Glendale Dining Services, a commitment to service excellence drives everything we do — from the authenticity of our day-to-day interactions with residents to our consistent, responsive support of your goals.

Staffing and Training

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For drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities that need to do more with less in tight labor markets, gaps in service can have a negative effect on resident comfort, safety and health. When you work with Glendale Dining Services, you avoid these problems by offloading staff recruitment, benefits, scheduling and training — all seamlessly managed by our full-service Human Resources group.

Our training and support approach is comprehensive and meets all relevant regulatory requirements — while helping your hospitality team develop the skills, compassion and mindset to support your residents’ on their personal journeys to recovery and rehabilitation.


Glendale Dining Services volume food purchasing arrangements and mutually-rewarding relationships with local growers and other trusted suppliers helps to ensure smooth operations while maximizing savings and quality.


With our understanding of changing meal service regulations for drug and alcohol rehabilitation food service management, Glendale Dining Services can reduce risk and drive positive results in your highly-specialized dining environment.