Food Services For Skilled Nursing Homes

Delivering personalized food services designed around resident requests.

Photo of lobster roll prepared by skilled nursing home food service staff.

To meet growing demands for more variety and individualized services, skilled nursing homes are moving away from institutional-style approaches to food service, towards more personalized models designed around resident requests.

More than just a smart move, the trend towards resident-centered food service management is a must for skilled nursing homes that want to attract today’s generation of food-savvy seniors. To many seniors, the opportunity to engage in diverse dining experiences is a main ingredient of a good quality of life.

Photo of apple pancakes prepared by skilled nursing home food service.

At Glendale Dining Services, we help skilled nursing homes meet these demands by crafting customized, fully-compliant food services programs centered on resident choice and engaging dining experiences. At the core of our approach is an unwavering focus on fresh food, exceptional variety and skilled, compassionate hospitality services.

With these principles in mind, we forge mutually-rewarding relationships with the skilled nursing homes we serve to enrich resident life, improve outcomes and gain exposure for your brand in competitive, senior living markets.

Photo of dessert prepared by skilled nursing home food service team.

Discover Glendale Dining Services specialized approach to skilled nursing food service management.

Discover how Glendale Dining Services can customize a complete, high-quality skilled nursing food service management program for your resident community with our specialized approach to:

Food Quality and Menu Development

Delivering high-quality menu choices and diverse, restaurant-inspired dining experiences can be a challenge for skilled nursing homes that are also home to residents with special dietary restrictions, or who need one-on-one assistance. We entrust menu development to our registered dietitians and talented chefs, who understand how age and medication can impact food taste. They work closely together to create appetizing meals that offer the right blend of satisfaction and nutritional value — no matter where or how they’re served.

Resident Choice

With 2.5 million baby boomers now past their 70th birthdays, skilled nursing homes are having to cater to a generation of seniors who seek diverse dining experiences that align with their values and lifestyles. At Glendale Dining Services, we can support this shift in mindset by crafting creative, food-centered programs and services based on residents’ needs and interests. From menus to mark personal milestones and religious events to organic, vegetarian and vegan food choices — we provide the expanded services and customized programs you need to support resident choice in your community.

Staffing and Training

To skilled nursing homes forced to do more with less in competitive skilled labor markets, gaps in coverage and unreliable service can be detrimental to resident satisfaction, safety and health. When you work with Glendale Dining Services, you avoid these problems by offloading staff recruitment, benefits, scheduling and training — all seamlessly managed by our full-service Human Resources group.

Our training and support approach is comprehensive and meets all relevant regulatory requirements — while helping your hospitality team develop the skills and mindset to make a positive difference in residents’ lives.


Glendale Dining Services volume food purchasing arrangements and mutually-rewarding relationships with local growers and other trusted suppliers helps to ensure smooth operations while maximizing savings and quality.


With our understanding of changing meal service regulations for skilled nursing food service management, Glendale Dining Services can reduce risk and drive positive results in your highly-specialized dining environment.

Memory Care

Delivering quality, satisfying food service experiences to your skilled nursing community’s Alzheimer’s and dementia patients requires specialized nutrition and hospitality expertise. Glendale Dining Services registered dietitians and skilled chefs have experience preparing meals for patients with dysphagia and other eating conditions, as well as the flexibility to adjust menus based on changing cognitive conditions. Our hospitality professionals are trained to meet patients’ unique, personal nutrition needs in a dignified manner, and address challenges related to confusion, distractions and self-care problems with respect and compassion.