Management Support

Improving efficiency to drive positive results.

Photo of senior living food service support team.

At Glendale Dining Services, we understand the connection between resident satisfaction and positive results for your community.

We offer innovative, food service management support systems and programs to maximize operational efficiencies, and give you more time to devote to improving resident satisfaction and wellbeing. This includes national purchase pricing at local levels, corporate accountability systems, technology solutions and practices such as:

Time and Attendance Controls
With technology solutions including biometrics and geo-fencing applications, you can deliver managers the detailed information they need to make effective staffing decisions.

Cost Accountability and Transparency
Comprehensive back up documentation that ties to your monthly statements gives you complete financial transparency with no hidden costs or games.

Local and Regional Food Sourcing
While some companies talk about local sustainability Glendale Dining Services is committed to it and allocates 15-20% of our overall purchasing to support local vendors. The result is fresh local products, cost savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint.