The Fitch Home, Inc.

“Glendale Senior Dining has the purchasing power and organizational skills I was seeking in streamlining operations and cost containment; plus infuse more energy into our resident dining experience. Since joining Fitch Home in April 2014, Glendale Senior Dining has made many creative updates such as introducing new cuisines and special events, and incorporating family recipes into menus. They have done all of this while retaining the dietary professionals on our existing staff. This has been a great comfort to our residents, who have the peace of mind of knowing that the dining staff we retained truly know and care about their likes and needs.

Entrusting resident food service management to Glendale Senior Dining has been a win-win for everyone. As a non-profit organization, we have realized improvements in efficiency and savings. Our residents have been pleased with the variety of entrees, as well as attention given to their health and personal observances, e.g. birthdays and religious holidays. For Fitch Home, Glendale Senior Dining is an ideal fit. They bring their unique brand of food service excellence while supporting our mission to provide a warm, friendly environment with all the comforts of home."

Joyce Lamb