Scandinavian Living Center

“We chose Glendale Senior Dining because I knew from my long history working with senior management that the company intuitively knows what matters most in senior resident food service. And that’s quality, personal relationships and trust.

Since Glendale Senior Dining joined Scandinavian Living Center in April 2014, our food service program has undergone many positive changes. There’s a whole new feeling of excitement among our residents, who appreciate the variety of new food choices and clarity of the menus. We’re all grateful that Glendale Senior Dining retained the best of our existing staff and instilled in them a philosophy of caring that has made a noticeable difference in food service quality.

When you’re serving seniors in a residential setting, you need to have the work done professionally. That’s a given. But you also need the confidence of knowing you’ll be treated with trust and honesty. Glendale Senior Dining gets that. The company understands that at the end of the day, it’s about doing the right thing for everyone, which is a great benefit.”

Joe Carella
Executive Director