Serenity at Summit.

To people who are fragile in mind, body and spirit, being greeted by name and treated with genuine compassion and dignity makes all the difference in the world. Glendale Senior Dining gets this. And they go the extra mile both in the kitchen and when mixing with patients to show they really care.

I’m always impressed when I hear a patient say of our Glendale Senior Dining team, ‘Wow, they really do know my name.’ And everyone loves the food. It’s delicious, unique and you can tell it’s made with love. I like to say that ‘it’s great comfort food for the people who are most uncomfortable. ‘

From a business perspective, Glendale Senior Dining’s responsiveness and consistency is a real benefit. Their dedication to exceptional service is obvious and they have incredible flexibility, which is vital when you’re serving people in need.

Dennis Bates
Executive Director