Senior living communities choose Glendale Dining Services for restaurant-inspired contract dining services. Our scalable business model, service solutions, and collaborative approach represent the best choice in residential dining services for your residents, guests and staff. Seniors value quality food selections, dining experience, and ambience options. Discover how our dining company’s innovative culinary concepts and flavorful menus can benefit your community.


Residential care communities count on Glendale Dining Services for turnkey contract dining services. Our dedicated team creates fresh homestyle menu options and dining experiences that enhance the well-being of your residents, guests and employees. Discover how our experienced chefs, registered dietitians and dining managers provide valuable nutrition education and skilled culinary hospitality services that enable everyone in your community to thrive.


Residential special school communities value Glendale Dining Services’ experience with their unique challenges and needs. Our professional chefs, nutritionists and registered dietitians collaborate in your on-site kitchen to create healthy, appealing menus that delight your students, teachers and visitors. Learn how we can enable you to focus on your responsibility of educating students instead of running a world-class restaurant.

The Chef’s Plate

The Chef’s Plate is an exciting forum that showcases the culinary skills and dining solutions our talented chefs bring to the table each week for Glendale clients throughout the northeast.

You get the inside scoop as our chefs dish about all the ingredients of their dining service successes!

In their own words, they exemplify how fresh, skillfully-prepared, well-presented food enriches the dining experience for each unique residential community they serve.

Our Brand Promise

To provide trusted residential dining service management and innovative dining experiences guided by a heart of service, inspired by community culture, and served with genuine hospitality.

Contract Dining Company for
Senior Living, Residential Dining and Special Schools

Contract Dining Services

Glendale Dining Services provides comprehensive contract dining services for residential campuses that provide mission-critical services, such as senior living communities, residential care facilities and special schools.

Our experienced culinary and foodservice operations professionals passionately serve the diverse needs and preferences of each distinct population. All dining company team members value their responsibility to support the well-being of residents, clients, caregivers, teachers, visitors, students and staff, as it enables each community member to thrive.

Glendale chefs and dietitians create fresh, flavorful restaurant-quality meals on-site, and our innovative residential dining services ensure memorable meal experiences for everyone under your roof.

Our contract dining services team prepared this delicious meal for the residents.
Dining Company for Senior Living
Our dining services details make our meals special for our senior living communities and their families.

Dining Services For Senior Living

Glendale Dining Services pioneered hospitality-based contract dining services for senior residential communities. Our senior dining services and innovative culinary programs exceed the expectations of today’s discerning seniors and their families.

Our proven infrastructure and vast resources enable us to serve your residents’ distinct and evolving needs – and attract the next generation of seniors to select your community as their home.

When you partner with Glendale, you gain a hands-on team of culinary and management experts who specialize in dining services for senior living. Our dedicated team of chefs, dietitians, and managers provide the dining support services your senior community deserves.

Our Mission

To honor the diverse needs and goals of leaders, residents, families, guests, and staff of senior living communities, residential care communities and residential special schools throughout the eastern U.S. by providing dependable dining service management, exceptional cuisine, innovative dining experiences, and genuine hospitality that enables everyone to thrive.

Residential Dining Services

Glendale Dining Services provides contract dining services that fulfill the unique needs and dining requirements of rehabilitation and supportive residential care communities.

Our experienced dining company professional chefs and registered dietitians collaborate with you to enhance the effectiveness of your rehabilitation programs. We compassionately cater to your residents’ needs for personalized residential dining services.

Quality food and nutrition education are vital throughout all stages of residents’ recovery. We provide customized menus and access to restaurant-inspired meals, desserts, snacks, and comfort foods that support each resident’s individual needs. Our innovative culinary programs also support the wellbeing of visitors and staff.

Residential Dining Services
Our Residential Dining Services team serving their meals to fulfill the special needs of the residents.
Dining Services for Special Schools
Our unique schools dining services fresh lobster roll meal.

Special Schools Dining Services

Our collaborative approach to contract dining services for special schools respects and reflects your school’s purpose and personality.

You gain a local, turnkey team of on-site chefs, registered dietitians, dining managers, procurement and compliance experts, and highly-trained uniformed service staff who enable you to focus on your primary mission of education.

We know your students’ preferences, and greet them by name as we provide fresh, nutritious, restaurant-inspired meal options, appealing food stations, and innovative nutrition education programs. As integral members of your special school community, we share your stake in creating extraordinary residential dining services that you’re proud to call your own.