About Us

Our Approach

Bringing dignity, satisfaction and choice to residents.

Our mission is simple: Help senior living and long-term care communities succeed by creating memorable, healthy dining experiences that deliver the dignity, satisfaction and choices residents need to live a full quality of life.

We approach our mission with a clear focus on seven core values:

  • Resident Choice
  • Fresh, Quality Food
  • Outstanding Service
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Cultural Compatibility
  • Sustainability
  • Positive Outcomes

Resident Choice

Having a say in what’s on the menu, as well as where and how it’s served, contributes substantially to a resident’s sense of dignity and independence. That’s why we proactively seek your residents’ input on their food preferences, and their thoughts on what makes a comfortable, satisfying dining experience.

Fresh, Quality Food

Like your residents, Glendale Dining Services puts a premium on food quality and prepares healthy, restaurant-inspired meals to satisfy diverse tastes and dietary requirements. Developed and tested by experienced professional chefs and registered dietitians, our menus feature fresh, seasonal ingredients from local, regional and national suppliers.

Outstanding Service

Our philosophy is that customers’ satisfaction thrives when the people that serve them are treated well and rewarded for exceptional performance. Supported professionally and personally at every career stage, Glendale Dining Services employees deliver the highest standards of service with remarkable skill and compassion.

Employee Empowerment

One of the most noticeable differences about working with Glendale Dining Services is the professionalism and motivation of our people. From our senior managers to chefs to our trusted, front-line hospitality professionals— we hire only the best. And we support them with the industry’s most comprehensive professional development and benefit programs. The result is that our employees take pride in their work and treat your dining service program as their own.

Cultural Compatibility

In the senior living and long-term care communities we serve, resident life centers around food. That’s why we offer a personalized, hospitality-focused approach to dining services that aligns with your culture. It’s all about putting the needs of your community and comfort and satisfaction of your residents, first.


Operating a dining services program that’s both successful and good for the environment is a priority Glendale Dining Services shares with many of the senior and long-term care communities we serve.

Positive Outcomes

Glendale Dining Services understands that the success of your resident dining program depends on positive financial results. With national purchase pricing at local levels, corporate accountability systems and the latest technology in the dining room and behind the scenes, we offer flexible solutions to maximize efficiency and help you reach your goals.

Our People

Senior Dining For Assisted Living Facility

Empowering your success with exceptional, resident-centered hospitality.

You can’t miss it when you walk into a community served by Glendale Dining Services: We’re passionate about people. It enhances everything we deliver—from our delicious, fresh food to the warmth and professionalism of our service.

Perhaps it stems from a company-wide commitment to treat your dining services program as our own; or, our firm belief that when employees feel valued, customers benefit from a standard of resident-centered hospitality that’s second to none. Simply put, our unwavering focus on people makes a vital difference in what matters to your success:

Management Accessibility

Hand chosen for their relationship-building experience, our district and corporate managers keep a close eye on your needs. Responsive and accessible, they give you the confidence of knowing that the right people, resources, training and technology are there when you need them.

Knowledgeable, Motivated Employees

Our guiding principle is that customer satisfaction thrives when the employees serving them are supported professionally and personally. That’s why Glendale Dining Services employees enjoy the most comprehensive benefits in the industry. We offer full-time associates health and dental insurance, paid vacation, holidays, bereavement, sick and personal days, as well as a 401k with an annual company percent match.

Glendale Dining Services managers are ServSafe certified, and we make food service certification available to hourly associates. All Glendale employees receive regular, comprehensive training in all aspects of hospitality including service, quality control, food sanitation and safety.

Performance Excellence, Every Day

Because we empower our people to make day-to-day decisions and reward outstanding performance, Glendale Dining Services employees take pride in their work. The difference is extraordinary— from the integrity of our leadership to the quality of our food to the skill and compassion of the hospitality professionals that serve you every day.

Be extraordinary. Join our team.

Visit our career site to learn how you can join our team of exceptional food service management professionals.

Our Management Team

The Glendale Dining Services management team is distinguished by a focus on service excellence that’s boldly demonstrated at every level of the organization.

Meet our leadership:

  • J. Brian Stone, Chief Executive Officer
  • James Hecker, Chief Operating Officer
  • Steve Baird, Chief Financial Officer
  • Todd Lindsay, Vice President Business Development
  • John DeCourcy, VP of Operations
  • Steve Rice, Director of Culinary
  • David Martineau, District Manager
  • Steven Brustein, District Manager
  • Greg Powers, District Manager
  • Larry Gallagher, District Manager
  • Linda Harrington, District Manager
  • Mark Newton, Director Programs, Training & Standards
  • Jeff Ross, Operations Support Manager
  • Jaime Matheson, Vice President Human Resources
  • Vicky Eaton, Vice President Controller
  • Tara Stone, Vice President Purchasing
  • Michael Lewis, VP of Safety and Operations Support Services
  • Craig Hayes, Director of Marketing
Raspberries & Cheese

Community & Charitable Works

Glendale Dining Services is proud of our leadership commitment and accomplishments supporting our community, client communities’ and those less fortunate – particularly ageing citizens in need of care. As such, we provide financial assistance and volunteer support to local and national organizations that meet our charitable giving criteria.

Several of these organizations are:

  • New Hampshire Food Bank
  • Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
  • United States Armed Forces
  • Pan Mass Challenge
  • Emergency Easter Meal Project
  • New Hampshire Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease, Wentworth Senior Living
  • OceanView at Falmouth Resident Scholarship Fund
  • The Carroll Center
  • Scandinavian Living Center – Charitable Society
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • First Responders Organizations
  • Salvation Army
  • VFW Headquarters
  • American Red Cross
  • Special Olympics

Green Products

From paper goods to cleaning products to appliances, our eco-friendly product choices support your efforts to save landfill space and preserve natural resources.

Using napkins, take-out containers and other paper goods made from recycled, compostable and chlorine-free material is standard practice at Glendale Dining Services. The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes our Earth Plus cleaning products as a leading earth-safe brand; in fact, all our institutional and maintenance products meet stringent biodegradability and environmental standards.

Glendale Dining Services can also help you save energy and utility costs by outfitting your kitchen with Energy Star-related appliances whenever possible.


In addition to offering eco-safe products and using Energy Star appliances and lightbulbs, Glendale Dining Services conserves energy and reduces waste by buying direct from local farms whenever possible and working with regional suppliers that do the same.


Glendale Dining Services recycling efforts include:

  • Using napkins made from 100% recycled materials
  • Supplying recycle bins to collect bottles and beverage containers
  • Storing eco-safe cleaners in containers made from recycled materials


We find creative ways to reuse food, cleaners, serving materials and other resource by:

  • Composting onsite food waste
  • Donating food waste to local farmers for reuse in livestock feed and composting
  • Repurpose used cooking oil for bio-fuel