Careers At Glendale Dining Services

I am constantly impressed with the companies hands on and quick responses to difficulties that arise. That coupled with the leadership of my head chef continue to make this a job worth keeping..

Jesse – Cook 1 year

Employee Testimonials

I feel that Glendale takes care of their employees, it feels like a close-knit family. We all work hard for the residents. I continue to work at Glendale because they have given me the opportunity to grow and learn in my new role as a cook. I would just like to share that I always feel comfortable communicating with peers and management about challenges of the job and any ideas to improve the quality for our residents.

Adele | Cook | 1 year of service

I choose Glendale Dining Services as my employer because of the competitive pay rate and benefits that I was not getting in my previous position. I also enjoy not having to work long hours and late nights that are so common with the restaurant industry. I continue to choose to be part of the Glendale team because as a Chef Manager I have found that Glendale gives you all the tools to succeed in your job and has a great support system that helps run the account.

Eduardo | Chef Manager | almost 3 years of service

Being in the restaurant industry for over 30 years; I was looking for something different but staying with my roots in food and hospitality. I found it with Glendale. I find that even my worst day here is better than my best day in restaurants. This place is genuine hospitality. The ability to create exceptional food and take care of the residents is so rewarding to me. Also, the support that you receive from Glendale is top notch and refreshing to see. It is a place that cares about quality of life. Glendale knows that if you succeed, we all succeed. In my opinion, Glendale is the truest sense of Culinary and Hospitality.

Matt | Chef Manager | almost 1 years of service

I was an existing employee when Glendale took over the account. I liked the fact that they listened to our concerns and corrected the problems that we had with the previous companies. Management was very understanding to our needs and wants. I feel that Glendale is a very good company and they listen to their employees concerns and if we need them for anything, they are right there to lend a hand. I have enjoyed my time thus far working for Glendale. The management team is outstanding and when we have had special functions, they brought in help to make the day run smoothly. I have nothing but good things to say about the company…I feel they care about their employees and address any issues quickly!

Michelle | Dietary Aide | almost 3 years of service

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