Deviled Eggs & Salmon
Gourmet Cuisine deviled eggs with smoked salmon, capers and red onion.

Fresh, nutritious food is a key ingredient of any successful contract dining program. Glendale Dining Services prepares flavorful cuisine daily, from scratch, with nutritional quality that enables your residents to live well. 

Our talented chefs create on-trend menus that appeal to the tastes and dietary needs of your community.  They use contemporary culinary techniques to prepare appetizing, restaurant-inspired cuisine that supports your residents, their families and guests, and your staff.

Clients value our team’s holistic approach to customizing site-specific menus and dining programs that respect the nuances of their for-profit and non-profit residential communities and campuses.

A Variety of Fresh, Flavorful Food Enriches Resident Life

Our comprehensive teams of hospitality professionals include chefs, registered dietitians and dining managers who proudly offer vibrant cuisine that enriches everyone’s well being in your senior living, residential care, or residential special school community.

Each dedicated team has the passion and experience to successfully serve and support your community’s distinct population.

Our menus feature food that is fresh, not processed.  We use regional and international cooking methods to create mouthwatering meals from scratch, using local seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Cuisine customized for the communities preference for red velvet cupcakes.

Cuisine Customized to Nurture Your Community

We collaborate with you to customize our cuisine to nurture your community’s needs and preferences. 

Our passionate and experienced culinary support teams proudly create restaurant-inspired dining experiences that fit your community’s goals, culture, and budget.

How Glendale Dining Services Creates Healthy Connections Between People and Food

  • We care about nurturing your community with fresh, flavorful food that everyone craves
  • We design therapeutic menus that support residents’ nutritional and cognitive needs
  • We source fresh, wholesome foods, locally and sustainably when possible
  • We prepare food safely and thoughtfully
  • We present food attractively
  • We customize menus to reflect your community’s values, lifestyles, religious & ethnic customs
  • We maintain exceptionally clean kitchens and inviting dining environments
  • We seek feedback from your residents and employees to ensure consistent foodservice quality

Glendale Cuisine Complements Your Community’s Culture

Your Glendale Dining Services support team strives to complement your community’s culture with:

  • Menus for special dietary requirements or preferences (vegan, vegetarian, low sodium, etc.)  
  • Menus for food allergies or intolerances (dairy free, gluten free, and nuts, shellfish allergies, etc.)
  • Foods that honor religious and ethnic customs and celebrations
Lobster Bake
Our Glendale Team having fun preparing to serve the residential community.

Culinary Services Tailored to Your Residential Community

Glendale Dining Services teams tailor culinary services to residential community’s needs. Our innovative dining venues and menus provide your residents with the autonomy to choose what, when and where they eat.

We work with you to create resident-centered alternative dining venues and menu options that support your community’s needs and goals, and fit your space and budget.

Examples of Glendale Dining Services Culinary Excellence

  • Innovative menus respect and celebrate your community’s culture
  • Dining programs and resident support that ensure variety and honor residents’ dignity
  • Alternative dining venues enable residents and families to choose what, when and where they eat
Micro Market
Micro Market tailored to appeal to the residential community.

Examples of Alternative Dining Venues

  • Bistros offer a flexible menu of freshly-prepared items for residents and guests to enjoy in a casual atmosphere separate from the main dining room
  • All-Day Dining provides a casual, flexible alternative to structured meal times, enabling people to enjoy meals at during off-peak hours
  • Themed Dining Events feature seasonal and holiday-themed cuisine and interactive culinary experiences for residents
  • Limited Time Offers provide residents with exciting opportunities to participate in a restaurant-style experience and enjoy high quality market-available items such as specialty meats and seafood.

Discover all of our Contract Dining Services for Senior Living, Residential Care and Special Schools, and partner with us to offer exceptional dining experiences to everyone your community serves or employs.