Deep Resources and Strong Infrastructure Fuel Fast, Steady Growth at Glendale Senior Dining

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The rising tide of baby boomers moving to senior resident communities presents a big opportunity to dining service management companies with deep resources and a strong infrastructure.

That’s been the experience of Glendale Senior Dining. The 11-month-young company is growing its customer base at a remarkably fast and steady clip.

Since launching in January 2014, the wholly owned subsidiary of Café Services, Inc. has earned the business of eight New England senior resident facilities. Three including the prestigious Somerville Home, Zelma Lacey House and Assisted Living Center of Salisbury (all in Massachusetts), opened in quick succession over a brief period spanning August through November.

Refreshing Approach Is Main Attraction

Both the Somerville Home and Zelma Lacey House ended contracts with other, long-established dining service management firms to work with Glendale Senior Dining.

What’s the attraction? Todd Lindsay, Associate Director of Business Development at Glendale Senior Dining, believes it has much to do with the approach.

“We (Glendale Senior Dining) offer a refreshing approach based on transparency and partnership,” says Lindsay. “Our customers value doing business with a partner that puts all the numbers on the table; and physically comes to the table with the resources to design services that sync with their residents’ lifestyles.”

Teamwork Drives Short-Order Success at Somerville Home

Glendale Senior Dining is uniquely positioned to respond quickly to new partnership opportunities and get access to experienced professional resources. These advantages are crucial for getting new dining programs fully operational on short order. The dining service management company’s work with Somerville Home is a prime example.

Somerville Home had already given notice to its prior provider when it awarded Glendale Senior Dining its business. Glendale Senior Dining had one short week to get up and running with a new food service program—a process that included interviewing and hiring a manager and staff, contracting with vendors and designing menus.

Making it happen was a committed team effort between Glendale Senior Dining and the Café Services corporate division. To ensure a seamless transition, the corporate dining division contributed onsite culinary support while Glendale Senior Dining recruited and hired staff.

Lindsay says that doing what it takes to ensure uninterrupted service excellence defines the culture shared by Glendale Senior Dining and its parent company, Café Services. “We sell on service, approach and culture,” he says. “With four potential new accounts at our door, it’s a formula that works.”