Dining Services for Residential Special Schools

In addition to our dedicated residential dining services for senior living and residential care communities, Glendale Dining Services proudly serves a wide variety of residential special school campuses. 

We understand the vital importance of quality food service management for residential school populations. 

Dining Services for Special Schools
Residential special schools staff pleasantly being served their meals.

Our team is regularly called upon to transition residential special schools from self-operated dining management to our fully-compliant, turnkey dining service offerings.  

Clients also engage us for contract dining services to replace inadequate or unpopular dining programs. 

National food service vendors typically offer generic, impersonal foodservice programs that lack the creativity and local connection your educational community demands. 

Glendale Dining Services represents a refreshing, restaurant-inspired dining services alternative. Our personalized, innovative local support makes a difference every day for residential special school campuses.

Dining Services for Special Schools
Our Chef’s comprehensive dining services approach, a freshly made wonderful roast beef sandwich

Comprehensive Dining Services for Residential Special Schools

Our team’s comprehensive approach and commitment to providing contract dining services for residential special schools incorporates fresh food, skilled culinary services, and attentive hospitality. This commitment guides how we enhance your community’s dining experiences. 

You gain an experienced team of hospitality experts whose primary focus is to nurture your students, visitors and staff.  Our team of chefs, registered dietitians, operations specialists and dining managers consistently provide your campus with fresh, flavorful cuisine and culinary hospitality that enhances everyone’s wellbeing.

This support also enhances your bottom line by boosting your appeal to prospective students and employees considering making your special school their residence or workplace.  It reflects directly on your brand when your students, teachers, staff and guests enjoy exceptional meal experiences and innovative dining options.

Types of Residential Special School Communities We Serve

Glendale Dining Services serves a wide variety of residential education campuses.  Our team is passionate about supporting your students, teachers, staff, and visitors with innovative culinary support.

Glendale Dining Services Supports Several Types of Residential Special Schools

  • Alternate Learning Methods
  • Boarding School Options
  • Emotional Supports
  • Holistic Care
  • Individualized Lesson Plans
  • Integrated Instruction
  • Preparatory Programs
  • Special Education
  • Transition to Mainstream
Dining Service Serving Students
Serving the teachers and staff of the residential special school community.

We Collaborate with You to Serve Your Students, Teachers and Staff

As integral members of your special school community, we collaborate with you to tailor dining services and create experiences that support the goals of everyone under your roof.  

We learn your students’ food preferences and greet them by name as we provide fresh, nutritious, restaurant-inspired cuisine, inviting food stations, and quality nutrition education programs.

Our Proven Approach to Residential Special School Dining Services

Carroll Center

Glendale Dining Services’ proven expertise enables us to provide full-service dining support for your residential special school.

Our Integrative Approach to Residential Dining for Your Special School Campus Incorporates:

  • Quality Food Prepared In-house from Scratch
  • Collaborative Menu Development, Culinary Programs and In-house Catering Services
  • Resident-centered Culinary Services Customized to Your School Community’s Needs & Preferences
  • A Team of Dedicated and Trained Professionals
  • Responsive, Trusted Operations and Fiscal Accountability to our Clients
  • Consistent Foodservice Safety and Compliance
Glendale Dining Services Leadership
Our executive team members ready to support residential special schools.

Top Advantages of Glendale Dining Services Support for Residential Special Schools

Special schools benefit from these key advantages of Glendale’s contract dining services:

  • A holistic, collaborative approach to residential special school dining
  • Comprehensive services that support your school’s mission, goals and brand personality
  • A local, turnkey team of on-site chefs, registered dietitians, dining managers, operations and compliance experts, and uniformed hospitality specialists
  • Valuable time to focus on your primary mission of education – instead of trying to self-operate or manage a full-service restaurant