New, Sugar Free Desserts from Glendale Senior Dining Find A Sweet Spot At Senior Resident Communities

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Memorial Day and other warm weather cookouts, picnics and gatherings can be tough for seniors on low sugar diets who can’t enjoy the desserts and sweets that are often a highlight.

But thanks to Glendale Senior Dining and their prime vendor, SYSCO of Northern New England, seniors in the resident communities Glendale Senior Dining serves can now indulge in a full smorgasbord of delicious desserts and sugar free ice cream flavors without worry or guilt.

The two companies joined in April to bring seniors a choice of three, premium, sugar free ice cream flavors. To the many who are tired of plain vanilla, this is a welcome change of taste.

“The only sugar free dessert choices offered by food purveyors serving our market is vanilla ice cream, pudding, Jell-O and a prepackaged cookie,” says Glendale Senior Dining President, Jim Hecker. “When a group of residents on sugar free diets told us they wanted more, we partnered with Sysco to look for alternatives.”

The search led to a local, quality ice cream manufacturer in Massachusetts that’s producing several, sugar free ice cream flavors starting with vanilla, chocolate and coffee. The ice cream maker based this selection on input from residents in Glendale Senior Dining communities and their families. It may offer new flavors down the road to appeal to different tastes.

Hecker says this is a major change in an industry that up until now has done just a perfunctory job of accommodating low sugar diets. “This will make a big difference to the quality of life for a lot of seniors,” he says. “Taking it on is consistent with our core values to be ‘local,’ ‘innovative’ and ‘compassionate.’”

Sugar Free Dessert Recipe Guide Offers Something For Everyone

Because ice cream isn’t the sweet spot for all, Glendale Senior Dining has created a sugar free dessert recipe guide available to all Glendale Senior Dining customers.

Developed by registered dietitians, the guide features 120 sugar free recipes for dessert favorites including raspberry mousse, cherry cake, carrot cake, coconut macaroon bars and key lime pie to name a few.

“Events and holidays like Memorial Day that center around dessert are a rich part of senior resident life,” says Hecker. “Making sure everyone leaves fully satisfied is what we’re all about.”