Outsourcing Dining Services Simplifies Human Resources Management At Senior Living And Residential Healthcare Communities

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Running a dining services program in a senior living or residential healthcare community is a lot more complex than it used to be. Residents expect more than just three square meals a day. Today, they seek communities that can cater to their demands for variety and convenience.

But attracting, hiring and supporting a qualified staff to deliver all this is often a struggle for providers with limited HR capabilities. This is especially true in tight, hourly labor markets.

Quality Dining Programs Enrich Lives and Improve Results

That’s where a dining services management provider like Glendale Senior Dining comes in. We have the food service experience, and deep HR expertise and professional resources to help you build a successful residential dining program that enriches lives and improves resident satisfaction.

When you work with Glendale Senior Dining, our dedicated HR team handles every aspect of staffing—from recruitment and screening to compensation, benefits, training and scheduling.

A division of Café Services, a leading food service management company in over 200 locations, we invest deeply in our employees’ growth and wellbeing.  We have the staff to ensure you’re covered when employees take time off; and we offer the specialized expertise to help you plan and host food-centered celebrations and special events that enhance quality of life.

The benefit to you is a compassionate, reliable and competent team that arrives to work every day, motivated to provide the highest quality service.

Beyond improving resident satisfaction, outsourcing dining services management to a trusted provider enables you to reduce the costs and complexity of building and retaining a reliable, qualified workforce. Contact us to learn more.