Dining Services for Residential Care Communities

Glendale Dining Services provides a variety of residential dining services for your community’s diverse needs.

Dining Services offering a freshly made sandwich for personalized dining options.

Our team of experienced chefs, residential dining managers, and registered dietitians seamlessly integrate with your residential care programs to compassionately provide residents with personalized dining options.

We have all the ingredients for successful residential dining that enables your campus community to thrive.

We know that the kitchen is the heart of any residence. Our dining service team is wholeheartedly committed to nurturing your residents, staff and faculty with meals and menus that support their needs.

Our customized menu options include fresh restaurant-inspired meals, desserts, and innovative comfort foods that support individual resident needs.

Everyone under your roof gains access to fresh, chef-prepared food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner. Let Glendale Dining Services plan and properly document a compliant and comprehensive program of resident-centered dining services for your community.

Comprehensive Residential Dining Services

Dining Service Freshly Squeezed OJ
Comprehensive residential dining services offering fresh squeezed juice.

Our approach to offering contract dining services stems from our commitment to providing fresh food, skilled culinary hospitality, and compassionate service. These principles guide our actions in support of healthy outcomes, and enhance each resident’s personal comfort and confidence.

Your entire community benefits when you partner with Glendale Dining Services. Our team of professional managers, operations experts, chefs, registered dietitians, and hospitality specialists passionately create restaurant inspired cuisine and deliver culinary hospitality that honors your residents, visitors, and staff.

365 days a year, from breakfast through dinner, you can count on our dedicated staff to consistently nurture everyone who lives or works in your continuous care residence.

This support is integral to your success and consumer-appeal in the competitive residential care marketplace.

When your staff enjoys their meals and residents enjoy their meal plan, it reflects well on your brand.

Another vital part of our support is the time you gain to focus on your core obligations to residents. Instead of trying to self-operate a full-service restaurant, you gain uninterrupted resident-centered culinary services and hospitality that creates exceptional meal experiences for everyone in your facility.

Types of Residential Care Communities We Serve

Glendale Dining Services serves the needs of a variety of residential care communities. Our staff greets each resident and visitor with dignity and respects his or her unique physical and emotional support needs, ranging from privacy to sociability.

Glendale Provides Dining Services for Resident Care Communities such as:

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • Centers for youth emotional or behavior issue recovery
  • Residential care centers for addiction recovery
  • Residential care programs for eating disorder recovery

Other Residential Community Markets We Serve

Glendale Dining Services also provides residential dining services for:

Residential Food Service
Glendale Dining Services is proud to serve many of the top-rated senior living communities throughout the Northeast.

Residential Senior Living communities and programs:

  • Independent Living Communities
  • Assisted Living Residences
  • Skilled Nursing Communities
  • Memory Care Dining Support
  • Congregate Care Retirement Communities

Residential Special School communities:

  • Alternate Learning Methods
  • Boarding School Options
  • Emotional Supports
  • Holistic Care
  • Individualized Lesson Plans
  • Integrated Instruction
  • Preparatory Programs
  • Special Education
  • Transition to Mainstream

Our Proven Approach to Residential Dining

Glendale Dining Services’ proven approach to developing a high-quality dining management program for your residential care community integrates these specialties:

  • Food Quality and Menu Development 
  • Caring and Responsive Service
  • Trained Professional Staff
  • Trusted Foodservice Operations
  • Consistent Foodservice Compliance

Food Quality and Menu Development  

Beef Tenderloin Dining Service
Fabulous beef tenderloin, our food quality and menu development is always evolving.

Our experienced chefs and registered dietitians specialize in menus for residents in recovery.  We understand that people’s tastes vary due to physical and emotional factors, and preferences evolve as recovery progresses.

Through each phase of recovery, your residents’ needs for nutrition education often changes.  Our registered dietitian educates your community members in support of their long-term recovery.

As part of the rehabilitation process, low and inconsistent appetite commonly impacts a resident’s ability to receive the nutrition they need for successful recovery. Glendale Dining Services chefs and dietitians have the flexibility to adapt menus as recovery progresses. They collaborate to create delicious, appealing food and personalized menus that bring comfort, satisfaction and nutrition to residents at every stage of rehabilitation and recovery.

For residents with allergies, we create flavorful meals free of allergens such as shellfish, milk, eggs, fish, nuts, wheat, soy, and other common allergens.  Our well-organized kitchens are set up to avoid cross-contamination and follow stringent protocols for food storage, preparation, and cleaning.

This resident-centered, individualized nutritional support promotes healthy eating habits that lead to positive recovery outcomes and lifelong health.

Residential Dining Service Crew
Our food service director giving responsive and caring culinary support to her team member.

Responsive and Caring Culinary Support

In each phase of recovery, compassionate treatment and warm culinary hospitality makes a vital difference to a resident’s positive recovery experience. The Glendale Dining Services team’s dedication to responsive, caring culinary support affects everything we do – from our authentic daily interactions with your residents and staff to our consistent support of your facility’s mission, strategy and goals.

Trained Professional Staff

We share in your campus community’s duty to deliver around-the-clock residential care.

Residential Dining Service
Our trained professional staff offering reliable dining services.

Gaps in coverage and unreliable dining services can adversely affect residents’ health and satisfaction. That’s why our dedicated human resources group seamlessly manages all aspects of staff recruitment, benefits, scheduling and training.  This preserves daily routines for your residents and ensures uninterrupted dining service for your mission-critical facility.

Our staff training exceeds all regulatory requirements.  Glendale team members have the skills, compassion and desire to support each resident on his or her unique path to recovery.

Trusted Foodservice Operations

Glendale Dining Services maintains volume purchasing agreements and partnerships with local farms and other trusted food service suppliers to maximize quality and economy.

Shrimp & Pasta Dining Service
Shrimp pasta with local fresh vegetables from trusted foodservice operations.

For breakfast,lunch,dinner and everything in-between, you can trust our team for efficient foodservice operations that support your residential facility’s goals and budget.

Consistent Foodservice Compliance

From your kitchen line to your bottom line, we maintain your facility’s consistent compliance with the ever-changing meal service regulations for highly-specialized residential care environments.