Senior Dining Services

Glendale Dining Services fulfills an increasingly intense demand for hospitality-based senior dining services.

Our team specializes in exceptional senior dining service management and innovative culinary programs that surpass the expectations of our clients and the contemporary seniors they serve.

We draw upon decades of professional hospitality management experience to hone our comprehensive contract dining services and innovative programs to satisfy the distinct needs and evolving preferences of senior living communities throughout the northeast.

Senior Dining Dessert
Our senior dining services are exceptional as seen here with this lovely dessert presentation of fresh fruit over ice cream and whipped cream

This expertise and experience in senior dining services represents a vital advantage that can enhance your organization’s appeal to seniors and their families.

The approximately 73 million people of the generation born between 1946 and 1964 are our nation’s second-largest age group, after their children (the “millennial” generation) according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

52 million Americans were 65 years of age and older in 2018. This represented 16.0 % of the population, up from 12.4% in 2000.

Senior Dining Services Serving Seniors
Senior diners enjoying the high quality meal offered from their engaging food service director.

Our Resident-centered Approach to Senior Dining is Your Competitive Advantage

Glendale Dining Services’ refreshingly modern approach to senior dining fosters the satisfaction and loyalty of your residents and staff.  This loyalty gives your brand a competitive benefit when compared to the larger, non-local, and impersonal national brand vendors.

We’ve mastered the art and science of balancing flavor, nutrition and presentation. Our professional chefs work with registered dietitians to create fresh flavorful food that satisfies residents’ desire for upscale dining experiences, yet provides personalized nutrition for healthy living.  

This unique, resident-centered approach to dining services for senior living incorporates the key ingredients of a customized, fully-compliant program: Fresh food prepared from scratch, resident choice and skilled hospitality services.

We collaborate with your senior living community to enrich resident life, improve outcomes and enhance your brand in the highly-competitive senior living and residential care industry.

The Glendale Dining Services approach to Senior Dining

Senior Dining Ravioli
Innovative dining solutions for contemporary seniors, gourmet ravioli with fresh local toppings.

Innovative Dining Solutions

Strong competition for residents and staff in today’s residential senior living industry means that you must provide dining solutions that appeal to contemporary seniors and potential employees.

Glendale Dining Services partners with you to design food-centered programs, innovative menus and alternative dining venues that give everyone autonomy to choose what, when and where they eat.  

You gain creative dining solutions and innovative wellness programs that nurture the physical and social needs of each generation you serve.

Examples of Glendale Dining Services innovative culinary support for senior lifestyles:

  • Exhibition cooking
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Registered Dietitian-approved menus
  • Holiday and resident milestone celebrations
  • Authentic themed monotony breaker events
  • Special themed events 
  • Innovative alternative dining venues (Bistros, All-Day Dining, etc.)
  • Specialized employee training 
  • Deep culinary support resources
  • Hands-on senior and executive involvement

“We partner with you to craft creative dining solutions and innovative wellness programs that nurture the physical and social needs of each generation you serve.”

Senior Dining Charcuterie Board
This charcuterie board from our one of chef’s creative menus.

Creative Menus

Today’s seniors are more worldly, engaged and aware of the latest food trends than ever before.

Our professional chefs collaborate with registered dietitians to develop menus that emulate restaurant-style dining experiences.  This ensures that every meal offers the right mix of satisfaction, dignity and nutritional quality, wherever and however it’s served.

From gluten-free menus to vegan and vegetarian meals to sustainable options, our food is creatively prepared to make every meal memorable.  From gluten-free menus to vegan and vegetarian meals to sustainable and healthy choices, our food is prepared to make every meal memorable.

Residents enjoy meaningful dining experiences purposely tailored to their preferences. We collaborate with management and conduct regular surveys to gain resident feedback regarding their meals and experiences.

Senior Dining Clambake
Fresh, quality food made by our talented chefs.

Fresh, Quality Food 

A key benefit of partnering with Glendale Dining Services is access to fresh, quality food and diverse, restaurant-inspired culinary experiences. We recruit talented chefs directly from the restaurant and hospitality industry, for their creativity and mastery of regional and international cooking techniques.  

They create healthy homestyle meals prepared onsite from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, to appeal to a wide range of tastes, diets, cultural preferences and lifestyles.

Whether served in your main dining room, lobby bistro, or at one of our signature food-centered events, our food nurtures your residents and staff, and enables everyone to thrive.

Examples of Glendale Dining Services Innovative & Specialty Food Offerings:

  • Vegetarian and vegan offerings
  • Gluten-free choices
  • Branded food concepts
  • Exhibition cooking
  • Limited Time Offers
  • Organic food products
  • Food co-op programs
  • Expanded international cuisine options
  • Greater dining service input and influence
  • Authentic theme and monotony breaker events
  • Pre-dinner wine & cheese
Senior Dining Baked Goods
Special Valentines Day Celebration honoring traditional customs.

Cultural Compatibility 

In all types of senior living and residential care communities, food experiences support daily living. Glendale Dining Services personalizes these dining services to reflect the special nuances of your community’s culture. We embrace your mission and brand personality, and collaborate with you to create dining environments that support everyone’s comfort and satisfaction. 

Our hands-on culinary and management experts create culinary programs that honor cultural diversity and celebrate traditional customs.  Examples include:

  • Holiday and Special Celebrations
  • Themed dining experiences such as:
    • Beach / Summer Theme
    • Diner Days
    • Mardi Gras
    • Hawaiian Luau
  • Interactive experiences such as:
    • Old-fashioned ice cream making demonstrations
Senior Dining Staff
Specialized training exercise event for our team.

Specialized Training

Glendale Dining Services team members are specially-trained to provide residents of senior living and residential care communities with compassionate support and attentive, personalized service.  

This specialized training enables Glendale staff members to hone their skills, outlook and approach to nurturing people throughout every stage of care at senior and residential care facilities.

Examples of specialized training topics for Senior Living and Residential Care include: 

  • Sensitivity Skills 
  • Resident Interaction
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity

“Our specialized training enables the Glendale Dining Services team to skillfully and sensitively nurture your residents’ culinary needs throughout each stage of care.”

Senior Dining Food Service Staff

Senior Living Communities & Programs that Glendale Dining Services Supports

Senior Dining Food Service Dessert

Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities can maintain a competitive advantage by offering new ways to satisfy and empower contemporary independent seniors who desire a rich variety of culinary experiences.

Glendale Dining Services can add enormous value to your community by crafting customized, fully-compliant menus and culinary hospitality programs that enhance daily living and active lifestyles.

Examples include innovative alternative dining venues and services such as bistros, all-day dining, themed and interactive dining events, and limited time offers on market-fresh foods.

Senior Dining For Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities

Glendale Dining Services rises to the challenge of creating exceptional menu choices and rich, restaurant-inspired culinary experiences for assisted living community residents, guests and staff.

We specialize in fresh, flavorful meal options for people with special dietary needs. Our professional chefs and registered dietitians create menus that balance flavor, nutrition and visual appeal.

Our creative food-centered programs and services are strategically developed to support your residents’ needs and interests. Examples range from wine and cheese parties to alternative dining venues to organic, vegetarian and vegan food choices.  Our expanded services and personalized programs are proven to delight everyone who lives or works in your assisted living community.

Skilled Nursing Dining Services

Skilled Nursing Communities

Today’s seniors and their families value dining experiences as a key quality-of-life benefit. This means that skilled nursing facilities now require more variety in senior dining and personalized services than traditional institutional-style nursing homes.  

Glendale Dining Services has the culinary experience and expertise your skilled nursing home needs to nurture your residents’ well-being.  We create flavorful menus that meet all dietary needs and restrictions, and we offer a range of resident-centered dining programs.  

Our local, flexible business model enables us to design senior dining programs based on the preferences of your skilled nursing community’s managers, residences and staff.

Food Service Cookies

Neighborhood Dining Support for Skilled Nursing Homes

Traditionally, multi-floor skilled nursing homes had just one main dining room. The logistics of transporting residents to and from their rooms to this first-floor dining room three times a day were complex and time-consuming for residents and staff. Also, the only other option for residents with limited mobility was having their food delivered to their room from the main dining room.

Neighborhood dining is an innovative concept that Glendale Dining Services has successfully implemented.  It involves creating small kitchens and dining rooms on designated floors throughout your facility. Food is delivered from the main kitchen to these smaller satellite dining room on each floor, where food is plated and served closer to the time of service.  These satellite areas ensure that meals are fresher, hotter, more accessible and presented in an appealing way.

Memory Care Dining Support

Glendale Dining Services team members specialize in memory care dining support for your residents.

Our chefs and registered dietitians design therapeutic menus that strategically serve your residents’ individual nutritional and cognitive support needs.  For example, our memory care program features soft finger foods to prevent choking and support people with dysphagia challenges.

Our skilled culinary professionals meet each resident’s unique personal nutrition needs with the experience and flexibility to adjust or adapt menus based on changes in cognitive condition.  With respect for your residents’ dignity, we compassionately address dining challenges related to confusion, distractions and self-care.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities 

Modern seniors increasingly seek exceptional experiences when choosing a long-term care community.  This is changing how continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) must approach senior dining management, to satisfy residents as they live through each stage of the aging process.  

CCRCs serve residents throughout each transition requirement – from needing independent living support to assisted living support to skilled nursing services.

To remain competitive, CCRCs must focus on offering consistently high-quality food, restaurant-inspired menus, and a wide variety of options such as organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, and more.

Glendale Dining Services enables CCRCs to remain competitive by providing customized, fully-compliant dining programs and alternative dining venues based on residents’ needs and preferences. 

We enrich the health and well-being of everyone in your CCRC community, and increase your community’s appeal to consumers in today’s competitive senior living market.