Comments From Our Clients

BRAVO! To You and Your Amazing Team!

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my phone has been ringing and residents have been stopping by all day to tell me how impressed they were with you and your staff last night! … Food was amazing … and hot (very hot!) … so efficient with the two serving lines (what a great idea!) … loved the hors d’oeuvres on the table… beautifully set tables … such a smooth flow of activity … Many, many positive comments … zero … ZERO … Z E R O negative comments …

You have all worked so hard to streamline efficiencies and improve meal quality … By all accounts, last night was perfect – Congratulations!!! Thanks for all you do to make things special for our residents!”

Brenda M. – Director, Resident Life
First-Class Holiday Party

Last nights independent party was well done and first class all the way. Just a fantastic job all around. And all of our resident holiday parties were that way. This is one of the reasons we brought Glendale on board. You make that decision look better every day.

Thanks and much appreciated!

Michael F. Executive Director

“Tonight I attended the dinner here at Gatewood Manor and I wish to express my thoughts on the event. I have been here for 5 or 6 years, so I have a lot to compare tonight’s meal with. I have a strong food background in both my personal and employment history. I love prime rib and order it whenever I get a chance. There is only one word to describe the meal which Chef Eddie served, “PERFECT” in every possible way.”

Debby B. – Resident
Thank You For All You Do

“Our experience with Glendale Senior Dining has been very positive. We attribute our success to their management team that understands healthy food, quality personnel and cost analysis that makes our planning easy. A happy dining room provides a wonderful culture in senior living!

Thank you for all you do as a partner with us.”

Cynthia Taylor – President
Serenity at Summit

To people who are fragile in mind, body and spirit, being greeted by name and treated with genuine compassion and dignity makes all the difference in the world. Glendale Senior Dining gets this. And they go the extra mile both in the kitchen and when mixing with patients to show they really care.

I’m always impressed when I hear a patient say of our Glendale Senior Dining team, ‘Wow, they really do know my name.’ And everyone loves the food. It’s delicious, unique and you can tell it’s made with love. I like to say that ‘it’s great comfort food for the people who are most uncomfortable. ‘

From a business perspective, Glendale Senior Dining’s responsiveness and consistency is a real benefit. Their dedication to exceptional service is obvious and they have incredible flexibility, which is vital when you’re serving people in need.

Dennis Bates Executive Director
Assisted Living Center – Salisbury

When I met the Glendale Senior Dining management team, I was struck by their deep understanding of small, personal senior residences like ours. Unlike large, more structured food service providers, Glendale Senior Dining convinced me it has the flexibility to focus on our priorities—which include varying menus frequently, buying from local businesses as much as possible and using fresh ingredients in our recipes.

Glendale Senior Dining began working with us in August 2014 when we were starting a major kitchen renovation. They did a great job from our makeshift kitchen. I was impressed with how easily they were able to go with the flow during the transition. This was a great relief when I was dealing with all the details of managing a big construction project on top of my every-day responsibilities as president.

Now that things have settled, Glendale Senior Dining continues to give us the flexibility and personalized service we value so much. I like the uniquely personal approach of the management team. They visit regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly. If I ever have an issue, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call, and Glendale Senior Dining is there.


Arthur Signorelli President – Assisted Living Center—Salisbury
Scandinavian Living Center

We chose Glendale Senior Dining because I knew from my long history working with senior management that the company intuitively knows what matters most in senior resident food service. And that’s quality, personal relationships and trust.

Since Glendale Senior Dining joined Scandinavian Living Center in April 2014, our food service program has undergone many positive changes. There’s a whole new feeling of excitement among our residents, who appreciate the variety of new food choices and clarity of the menus. We’re all grateful that Glendale Senior Dining retained the best of our existing staff and instilled in them a philosophy of caring that has made a noticeable difference in food service quality.

When you’re serving seniors in a residential setting, you need to have the work done professionally. That’s a given. But you also need the confidence of knowing you’ll be treated with trust and honesty. Glendale Senior Dining gets that. The company understands that at the end of the day, it’s about doing the right thing for everyone, which is a great benefit.

Joe Carella Executive Director
The Fitch Home, Inc.

Glendale Senior Dining has the purchasing power and organizational skills I was seeking in streamlining operations and cost containment; plus infuse more energy into our resident dining experience. Since joining Fitch Home in April 2014, Glendale Senior Dining has made many creative updates such as introducing new cuisines and special events, and incorporating family recipes into menus. They have done all of this while retaining the dietary professionals on our existing staff. This has been a great comfort to our residents, who have the peace of mind of knowing that the dining staff we retained truly know and care about their likes and needs.

Entrusting resident food service management to Glendale Senior Dining has been a win-win for everyone. As a non-profit organization, we have realized improvements in efficiency and savings. Our residents have been pleased with the variety of entrees, as well as attention given to their health and personal observances, e.g. birthdays and religious holidays. For Fitch Home, Glendale Senior Dining is an ideal fit. They bring their unique brand of food service excellence while supporting our mission to provide a warm, friendly environment with all the comforts of home.

Joyce Lamb Administrator
Mark Wentworth Home

From our first meeting with the Glendale Senior Dining management team, we got the immediate sense that the company’s work ethic and corporate culture would be a great fit with ours. When we asked for a proposal, they turned one around in a couple of days to address every detail.

The company’s references were impeccable. They spoke not only to the quality of Glendale Senior Dining food, but also its people; describing how Glendale Senior Dining is there to deliver, no matter what service you need.

It’s clear that our first impressions were on the mark. Talk about service—Rebecca Cunningham, Glendale Senior Dining’s District Manager, was onsite with us almost every day during the first month of operations. Today, our onsite manager, John Decourcy, and his staff work with us as if they are employees of Mark Wentworth Home. They care deeply about understanding our business and are always adding unique, clever touches to menus to make the dining experience special for our residents.

When I ask residents for feedback on the quality of Glendale Senior Dining food, they tell me they’re very pleased. Having Glendale use their considerable resources to take responsibility for management of staffing and every other aspect of food service has been a tremendous benefit to us.

William Henson President and CEO of Mark Wentworth Home
Housing Initiatives of New England Corporation

Our experience with Glendale Senior Dining has been very positive. We attribute our success to their management team that understands healthy food, quality personnel and cost analysis that makes our planning easy. A happy dining room provides a wonderful culture in senior living!

Thank you for all you do as a partner with us.

Cynthia Taylor President